Hinged lids are an important feature of a premium halogen oven. A hinged lid offers convenience, safety and are easy to use. Halogen oven that come with a detachable lid require the lid to place on the work surface even when you are just checking on the cooking progress of your meal. Putting the lid on the worktop not only puts your work surface at risk of damage but puts you at risk. One option is to buy a dedicated halogen oven lid stand, and some halogen ovens do come with a lid stand.

Most halogen ovens come with a detachable lid, however there are a number of halogen ovens with a hinged lid. The following halogen ovens feature a hinged lid. Hinged lid halogen ovens and air fryers are often more expensive. However its worth buying a oven with a hinged lid, even if it helps save your worktop.

Halogen ovens with a hinged lid