JML Black Halowave Oven Aircooker Deluxe Halogen Cooking With Rotisserie Function 14 Pc Set

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Thanks to the fast, efficient way that halogen heat technology cooks, you can still enjoy food just the way you like it but cooked in a healthier, faster way. The 360° degree glass bowl means you can always see what you’re cooking, and the easy-to-use digital controls let you set the cooking time and temperature in advance, or while you cook, so you never let the heat out of the oven or burn your food! There’s the specially designed rotisserie Steak Rack for flat or delicate food like steak, burgers or fish fillets, or multiple small items like prawns and even butter-basted asparagus. This will open up a whole new dimension to your rotisserie cooking. There’s also a versatile rotisserie Skewer Drum that holds 8 stainless steel skewers at once!

The non-stick Frying Pan sits neatly inside your Halowave Aircooker Deluxe as well as on the high or low rack position. Use with oil or butter to get great pan-fried results on any food that you would normally fry in a pan. Or use it as a tray beneath your rotisserie to catch drips and spills, protecting your Halowave and making clean-up easier. The clever Oil Sprayer will evenly coat your food in a fine mist of oil for a light, healthy touch of cooking oil. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and the main unit is self-cleaning! Add detergent and water and watch it wash itself clean.

JML Black Halowave includes

  • Halowave Aircooker Deluxe
  • High/Low Rack
  • Spindle
  • Forks
  • Airfrying Basket
  • Tongs
  • Basket Hook & Stand
  • Recipe Guide
  • User Guide
  • Oil Sprayer
  • Frying Pan
  • Steak Rack
  • Skewer Drum
  • Roasting Pan


  • Rotisserie for juicy joints, self-basted kebabs and evenly-roasted vegetables
  • Air-fry with little or no oil for healthy, but crispy results
  • Digital timer with ‘delay’ function that cooks while you’re away
  • Steak Rack, Skewer Drum, Frying Pan and Oil Sprayer all included!
  • Cooks up to 46% quicker than a conventional oven

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