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✔Large 12/17 Litre Premium Convection Halogen Oven in Black FREE extras and full TWO YEAR WARRANTY !!. ✔ 1 High Rack 1 Low Rack ✔ Lid Holder, nice to have somewhere to stand that hot lid! ✔ Extender ring to adjust you cooker from 12 to a full 17 litre capacity ✔ Tongs, specially designed to lift out the racks when hot. ✔ High capacity 12L/17L Quality Halogen Oven allows you to roast, fry, steam, grill, bake and more. ✔ Powerful halogen heating and convection system circulates heated air evenly around your food cooking it quickly and evenly. ✔ Features a handy 0-60 minute timer. Great for cooking low fat foods or for those on a Diet as it seals in natural nutrition, moisture & flavour of the foods. Michael James Halogen ovens come complete with a full set of accessories including Tongs, rack & lid-holder and instruction booklet. Main Features of the Michael James Premium Halogen oven: * Timer Function. * Can be set to cook for 0-60 minutes. * Safety switch, *The Michael James Premium halogen oven switches off as soon as the handle is moved into the raised position, ensuring the lid will not operate when the lid is removed. * Variable Temperature Control Ranges from between 65 – 250 °C. * Ideal for Steaming, cooking, grilling, baking, roasting and air frying Build Quality: Michael James Premium oven has a stainless coated bulb cover. Many competitors have painted covers which start to flake in time and fall in your food. The cable has heat resistant cover on first 250mm of cable to prevent plastic cable from melting if in contact with the glass: Package Contents: 1 x Premium Halogen Oven 1 x Extender Ring (adds an extra 5L capacity) 1 x Lid Stand 1 x Tray removal tongs 1 x High Rack 1 x Low Rack


  • Roast, Fry, Steam or Grill with the Michael James Halogen oven.
  • Save on electricity with immediate heat no waiting for oven to warm.
  • Free two year warranty.
  • Convenient 60 minute timer and Free accessory pack.

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