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This Roasting Pan sits neatly inside your Halowave Aircooker Deluxe, either on the bottom or on the High/Low rack. Used alone, the mesh design allows the halogen heat to circulate around every surface of whatever you’re roasting. It’s perfect for everything from crispy roast potatoes, charred peppers to baked foods like cakes and pizzas that need even, controlled heat. Used above the Frying Pan, it allows meat juices to run away leaving to leave with you with crispy and succulent joints of meat from pork to chicken and duck. The heat is allowed to circulate all around the surface of your food guaranteeing an even, all-over roast. Your Halogen Aircooker Deluxe will stay closed for longer as you can still baste without the constant need for turning therefore less heat will be lost!


  • Accessory for the JML Halowave Aircooker Deluxe Halogen Oven
  • Steel mesh construction
  • Allows the heat to circulate all around your food
  • Use for roasting joints of meat, potatoes, vegetables and more
  • Faster, more even results


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